Kijiji Montreal Auto

Kijiji Montreal Auto

Get Paid Cash Money For Your Auto In Montreal

Kijiji Montreal - We are committed to being Montreal Quebec's easiest and fastest way to get cash for a junk, scrap, unwanted or old auto in Montreal. We are a free Montreal service that will COME TO YOU, PICK UP and TOW AWAY your auto, van, truck or suv, AND PAY YOU CASH MONEY ON THE SPOT!. Call 450-639-0208.

Whether your scrap, junk, old or unwanted auto is running or not, let Kijiji Montreal get your unwanted auto out of your hair, and convert it into cold hard cash money for you today!

Selling your scrap, junk, old or unwanted auto to Kijiji Montreal is fast, with one call to 450-639-0208 or fill out our simple form to have your scrap, junk, old or unwanted auto in Montreal removed today!

Just give Kijiji Montreal a call, and we will make you a cash money offer for your Montreal scrap, junk, old or unwanted auto, truck, or van.

What if your car is NOT a scrap or junk auto? Kijiji Montreal still WANTS IT! We also pay TOP DOLLAR for autos and trucks that are damaged, wrecked, or otherwise inoperable as well as autos, trucks and suv's that are in running condition!

If you need to get cash money for any auto, truck, van or suv in Montreal, call Kijiji Montreal's HOTLINE at 450-639-0208 right now to get a fast, free quote!


Kijiji Montreal Auto


Don't delay, call Kijiji Montreal Auto today, we pay cash money for scrap, junk, old or unwanted autos, cars, trucks, vans and suv's in Montreal.


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